What Is Family Forest School?

Family Forest School is just that - family inclusive! It is not a child drop-off program.

Our goal is to offer the forest school experience for the entire family.

It won't just be your child building confidence and finding joy in nature.

You and your child will become familiar and comfortable with many unique and naturally beautiful locations in northcentral West Virginia.

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What will you do at Forest School?

Each week of forest school is totally unique.

We go to a new location, take a hike, explore, climb, and play games.

Three activity invitations are also offered, customized to the location and weather that day. These are typically math, science, art, imaginative or teamwork themed.

Children can choose to participate in the activities - or not! Family Forest School is very open-ended and we encourage free exploration and supervised risk-taking to make the most of it!

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Forest School Rocks